Freckles in April: Seven Things

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seven Things

The adorable Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns tagged me back in December and I, for some reason, didn't see it until last week.

I think it's supposed to be seven secrets but my secrets are just too shocking for the world*, so here are seven random things about me:

1. I love scripture smilies. They make me feel like God has a sense of humor.

2. I love throwing nice dinner parties. If I have time, I'll bust out the white tablecloth, the carafes, the stemmed glassware, the whole shebang.

3. After Stinky's rather traumatic pregnancy and delivery I said I would have one more kid just so he wouldn't be an only child. I couldn't imagine going through all that again. Baby 2's delivery was so much better that I was sitting in recovery going, "When I can do this again??"

Blissfully hanging out in epidural land

4. I've never really felt like my name fits me. My middle name is Nicole, which feels a little more like me, but still not quite there. In junior high I thought I might be an Andie (don't know where that came from) but I still haven't decided what my name should really be. Is that weird? Does anyone else feel like that?


5.You know how, for some people, it's not a meal if it doesn't include meat? For me, it isn't a meal if it doesn't include cheese.

My favorite 2 pack of fresh mozzarella from Costco. Bulk buying is the only way I can afford my cheese habit.

6. I love thrifting and I have pretty darn good luck. I usually find whatever I'm looking for plus some extra treasures. It helps that our new house is down the street from what might be the greatest Goodwill ever.

My latest find. They have a slight wedge heel and say "Ipanema" inside. Who could resist?

7. My greatest wish is to write a really awesome book and contribute something good (beside my children) to the world.

I'm supposed to tag 7 people but I have no idea who reads this blog on a regular basis (beside my sister. And maybe my mom) so, in the event that you are feeling uninspired and need some blog fodder then I am tagging YOU.

*Either that or I couldn't come up with 7 secrets I hadn't already shared with the world through my various blogging endeavors. I'm kind of an open book over here.


  1. i am so with you on #5. mmmm, cheese.

  2. my middle name is nicole too. but i actually don't like it because i feel like everyone's middle name is nicole. (my sisters in law, my roommates, my childhood best friends) i think it's way better as a first name.

  3. Such cute shoes! I was scrolling through Kendi's remixer list and your blog name stood out to me because my birthday is in April and I have lots of freckles!

    And your troll comment above made me laugh really really hard.

    Living with Lindsay

  4. I have never noticed scripture smiles before. I'll pay more attention.

    I love dinner parties too! I did one for Christmas. I had 16 guests. It was so fun.

    I'm not crazy about my name.

    I wish I was a good at thrifting.

  5. Love those shoes. Must come visit you and that Goodwill.

  6. I had a very similar reaction to my two deliveries. After #1 it was like, ok, maybe 1 kid IS enough. After #2 I was back to thinking 5 is a great number.

  7. I really need to check out your Goodwill. I am in a thrifting kind of mood for the first time in a while!

  8. what the scripture smilie! i have never seen that before... i LOVE it. awesome.

  9. There are scripture winks too. I love them!

  10. Such a lovely post- the smileys, ha.

    I am the same about cheese. Im giving it up for Lent this year and think it is going to be the biggest sacrifice ever!

  11. I love this post!

    Dinner parties are so fun. I always look at Martha Stewart Living and totally want to have a fancy and themed dinner party but it just never happens. So sad. :(

  12. Love reading these things and feeling like I "know" the blogger a little better :)
    I'm with ya on the cheese thing! Oh, and those shoes - darling!! Love me some thrifting!!

  13. would you be willing to share the Goodwill location? because I can't justify driving out to the McDowell mountains every time I want to find a good deal and would love to try a closer option. :)


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