Freckles in April: Formspringing

Monday, February 21, 2011


The question:

Why do you blog about you're clothing? Do you consider yourself fashionable? Cause you kind of aren't. Sorry.

My answer:

You guys have no idea how excited I was to get this question. My very first troll!! In all my years of blogging (coming up on 4.5 total) I have NEVER gotten anything even approaching a mean comment. I feel so legitimate right now.

The troll, while mean and in need of a your/you're refresher, still asks two legitimate questions that are worth addressing.

Let me start by saying that I didn't set out to become a fashion blogger. I was shooting for a continuation of my old blog, which was mostly mildly entertaining jibber jabber. But, after my 2 month hiatus, I was having a heck of a time finding my groove again. I saw Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge and dove in. My body changed a lot with Baby 2 and I needed the closet help. The challenge, with its accompanying blogging, was so eye-opening for me that I decided to stick with this fashion blogging stuff.

I really and truly do not consider myself fashionable. I think the fashion blogosphere consists of two types of people: those who inspire and those who are inspired. I count myself firmly in the latter category and people like Syd, Kristine, and Kendi in the former.

But girls who get fashion like they do are few and far between. I think girls like me are much more common- girls with a budget who want to feel pulled together and pretty and maybe need a little help to get there.

There's definitely an element of selfishness at work here too. This fashion blogging thing forces me to think about what I wear, about what I make room for in my closet. I've become much more discerning and have cleared out a lot of junk since I did the first 30 for 30. I feel like my style is evolving and I like the way it's going. It's a really fun process. There have been hits and misses and there will be lots more hits and misses but I really am just kind of enjoying myself.

Have a question? Ask away!


  1. I just found your blog and really like it. I think it's because I'm just starting out blogging (again) and I feel like you do about it. Though I'd love to be like Kendi or Jessica of What I Wore, I'm not really.

    But they've inspired me to be a bit more pulled together and colorful.

  2. hey just discovered your blog! you are too cute and i like your style! also kuddos on getting your first troll ; )

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  4. Wow, people are mean! But I'm glad you aren't letting it get to ya! Thanks for sharing your 30 for 30 and giving me some inspiration! :)
    ps- love your blog!

  5. You are my fashion inspiration.

  6. ohhh please. people are ridiculous. i like how real and wearable your style is - that inspires me.

  7. Woo, you handled that troll with ease! And I think you make a great point about the inspired vs. BEING inspired thing. While we might prefer to be in the former group, I don't think it's automatically any better. Appreciating good style and reinterpreting it for ourselves are skills all their own.

  8. brilliant response, you adorable thing. i'm definitely one of the "inspired" as well...and am loving every minute of it. i think you've got a great sense of style--and what you said about how it's evolving TOTally resonated with me. loved this response.
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  9. i love this questionaire! fanastiiic!!!

  10. I work part-time and one of my co workers is also an Esthetician. I'll have to ask her about laser hair removal.
    I think that is strange that someone would tell you that you aren't fashionable. Fashion is whatever you want it to be. It's all about being yourself and wearing what you like. Keep doing what your doing.

  11. You are so brave to have a Formspring. I'm absolutely terrified of it because I imagine that there are trolls out there just WAITING for the moment I get a Formspring. Anyway, that person was so rude, but you handled it in such a sweet, gracious manner. So props on that. And I absolutely adore your style! I totally agree that fashion blogging is a challenge that forces you to think about what to wear. I think that's the best part of it!

    PS and thank you so much for the shout out - I totally don't see myself as in that group so I was so surprised to see that!

  12. WOW such an awesome way to look at things. YOU GO!

  13. Oh my goodness, yes! Your response is perfect! I'm totally one of those girls who needs to be inspired, and that's why I'm doing this 30x30 and am trying-out this whole fashion blogging thing. I love the girls who know fashion and share their knowledge with the world, but me? I'm just trying to figure out what I like, what looks good and how to vary up my closet.

    Oh yeah, and I'm totally on a budget.

    North Meets South

  14. That question is ridonculous! Your answer was great and probably longer than they deserved. You are beautiful!!

  15. How rude! But props to you for being excited to deal with it so positively! You are awesome. And beautiful, by the way. I think you're fashionable, whether you inspire or are inspired.

  16. not sure how i missed this post but oh my gosh! hilarious. i've yet to really meet a troll either, weird. anyway, i think if we just let all the big timey bloggers blog and everybody else sit at home wishing they could be like them, life would be lame. I'd rather run my own blog WHILE sitting at home wishing i could be cooler. makes me feel like I'm in the loop a teeny tiny bit. great response! you rock.

  17. I love your style and I love your positive writing style (I just over-used the word style, but I think you have it, so I'm not sorry). :) Excited to see more of your life and outfits!



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