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Thursday, February 17, 2011


The question:

You mentioned that you had to shut your previous blog down for privacy reasons. I'm curious! Care to share?

My answer:

When you searched on Kayla (lastname) the first result was my blog and the second was our home address. There's this stupid company that feels the need to post homeowner addresses and, since my name is kind of unique, it popped up as the second search result. I fought with them long and hard over taking it down but they refused since our address was public record. Unfortunately, they have every right to post your name and home address all over the internet if you own your home.

If you live in a major metropolitan area then odds are good they've posted your address too. If you have a more common name then it's probably buried under 20 pages of search results. If you're a lucky uncommoner like me then it might show up right at the top. Creeeepy.

Every night for MONTHS I went to bed terrified that some creepy person would see me and my kids on my blog and decide to come for a visit. I finally decided it wasn't worth the fear and loss of sleep and shut down my blog.

Since then we have sold that house and moved across the city. I sleep much better at night. I'm sure someone could still find us if they REALLY wanted to but they would at least have to work at it.

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  1. I, as Anne Smith, have the opposite issue. Ten thousand girls with my name at my salon alone! Also, I go by my middle name, which gives me some feeling of internet-based peace. I understand the feeling, though, and totally "get" your decision. Glad to have found your blog, regardless!

  2. Probably a bad idea to give an interview to a major print/online publication.

  3. I used a nom de plume. Cuore isn't my real last name. They said they couldn't do the interview without a last name so I gave them one. It's related to my real last name though.


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