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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feed and Follow Options

If you use a different feed reader and need me to register my blog in order for you to receive the feed, please let me know. New ones are springing up all the time and I can't keep up! Also, I've been booted off GFC even though I use Blogger (no clue why) so you'll have to subscribe to my blog like you do all your other non-Blogger ones.



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Hello Cotton:


  1. Yayayay! I was the one who asked to follow with Friend Connect. I know there are a billion things out there to use for following so thank you for adding FC to your list!

  2. Haha, aren't feeds the most confusing things ever?! I still don't understand them! I do prefer following on Blogger, though. Which kind of means that anyone not on blogger doesn't get to be followed by me... Oh well.

  3. You lost me. Feed readers other than Google Reader? I ... do not understand.

  4. Why did you get booted off of GFC? Hmmm. Just read your Santa letter to your kids and loved it--also, I copied a shirt you made a year or two ago which is how I found this blog originally. Was happy to re-stumble on your blog this morning! (Also, I think I may know you from somewhere else...were you a freshman at BYU in 2003? I think we may have been in the same ward or at least the same dorm building).


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