Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30: Day 3

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January, for the most part, was rather warm and comfortable around these parts. As in, don't even bother bringing sweaters to the park kind of comfortable.

Wearing # 4, 6, 16, 21
I was mostly considering t-shirts and lightweight clothing for my 30 for 30 items and then BAM. The forecast for the first week of February was all below freezing temps and snowpocalypse or snowzilla or whatever people who actually experience winter are calling it. And I realized I should probably include a couple sweaters in my items. That turned out to be wise. It got to TWENTY-FIVE degrees last night. Whoa mama.
There is no color adjustment in this photo. My legs really are that white.

These are my new favorite shoes, by the way. They may be nothing special to YOU but to ME they are a blooming miracle. I have a really hard time with flats because they beat the freaking snot out of my feet. After a couple hours in most flats I'm bleeding. These, however, are a lovely gray canvas that moves with my feet and leaves my skin intact. I want to marry them.


  1. Okay. I want in on those flats. 98% of flats give me blisters, which pisses me off because I can never wear the cute ones.

    Did you get them recently? I hope I can still find some after the shopping ban is over!

  2. I was browsing through your blog when I found this post.

    If you're having a difficult time with blisters, you need this stuff:


    I'm not kidding. It rubs on like deodorant, but it's clear and prevents blisters. Amazing stuff, I tell ya.


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