Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 27

Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 for 30: Day 27

Wearing # 2, 20, 22 

See all my 30 for 30 posts. 

This has been The Week of Hot Dates.

Thursday night: Hot Date #1 to the temple

Including a stop at Nielsen's afterward for a hot fudge sundae and some fries.

Friday night: Hot Date #2 to Body Worlds and Cibo

This was my surprise date night for Aaron and it was probably the most perfect date night we've ever had. It deserves its own post.

Saturday: Hot Date #3 to the Japanese festival

Oh my. Let's stop for a moment and do a little word association. When you think "Japanese Festival," what do you think of? Sticky rice and kimonos, right? Maybe some teriyaki chicken and one of those dancing dragon thingies?

Well, you would be almost right.

You should also be thinking "blue hair!" (also: pink, gray, purple, etc.)

And, perhaps this, which actually wasn't all that weird compared to just about everything else:

Don't forget the giant scythes (there were quite a few) (and please note the black and white checkerboard hair on the guy next to her):

 And, of course, scantily clad amazonian women in fur legwarmers with tails being led around on leashes by their short boyfriends:

Yes, I was too scared to blatantly take pictures of anyone, which is why all my pics are from the back or side. I'm a wimp.

As it turns out, the Japanese Festival is a magnet for anime lovers/recreators/...special people. It was crazy. It was also extremely crowded, which was a bit of a drag. I was terrified of losing Stinky in the crowd. Fortunately, the costumed people put some serious fear in him and he clung to my leg most of the time. I can't really blame him. There was one guy walking around in a bright red robe and a long white wig with a huge scythe and white contacts and horns. I was a little nervous about that one.

We did get some yummy gyoza and mochiko chicken for lunch and a huge li hing/guava/strawberry shave ice. We also met up with some lovely friends, which is always a treat. I'm kind of hoping next year they move to a bigger venue so we can enjoy it a little more!


  1. Cannot WAIT to hear about the perfect date.

    Also, did the weather turn cold or were you sweltering in the boots?

  2. You've completely inspired me to have a week of hot dates. love your blog its cute :)

  3. Wow, you are so cute! And I am CRACKING UP about the girl with the tail and leash. Cuhhhrazy people. lol.

  4. Wow. That is some weirdness. I think it's one thing to see it on tv or a picture but in real life I'd think, "these people really exist?!" Fun times!!

  5. Oooh that festival looks like fun.

    Can't wait to hear about hot date #2! :)

  6. I just recognized that campus. That's my school! Tear. I miss the dessert so much. Enjoy it for me today :)


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