Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 18

Friday, February 18, 2011

30 for 30: Day 18

Wearing # 7, 15, 21

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I wore this to the pediatrician's office bright and early this morning. I was the only mom not wearing jeans or pajama pants and I was one of the very few wearing makeup. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I got weird looks. I think I violated some kind of unspoken mom code by being dressed in a skirt and made up at 8 am. In my defense, Baby 2 woke up at 5:30 and Stinky woke up at 6, so I had a LOT of time to put on mascara.

I've decided the length of this skirt does not work with flats. Heels only for this baby from here on out. The camera does not fudge the truth quite like the mirror does.

Last night I finally watched Remember Me (Edward and Claire!)(holy crap I miss LOST so much). I saw the previews back in the day and thought, "I've seen 60 seconds of this movie and way prefer R. Pat in this trailer over his horrible wooden acting in a movie that shall not be named because I refuse to acknowledge that I have seen it and/or own a copy that is hidden in my underwear drawer so Aaron can't make fun of me for owning it.

Anyway, have you seen it? Because, as it turns out, it is horribly and heartbreakingly sad. I went into it completely unawares. I was thinking it was some romantic drama and the main characters get together and then the movie just kept going. And then I was totally blindsided and ended up sitting on the couch sobbing into one of Baby 2's blankets. WHY did no one tell me?? Some friends you lot are. Those kinds of movies need to come with warning labels.


  1. Yeah I watched that one having no idea, as well. I loved the movie, but it was terrible at the same time. So so sad. And oddly enough, I watched it on September 11th. I didn't know!

  2. Ugh. . .such an awful movie! I too was blindsided! On a happier note, I LOVE that you walked into the pediatrician looking glamorous! You're such an inspiration for my soon to come "mom years"! xoxo :)

  3. Whoa, Nikki and I are leading parallel lives because I also unknowingly watched it on (or very near) September 11th and I also had no idea. What an interesting movie right? I definitely shed some tears at the end but the whole thing with those mean girls cutting his sisters hair.....that got me crying even harder.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous outfit. I always feel the same way about long skirts with flats BUT I think this looks good here! :)

  5. i've seen it, and yes it was so sad! but i was warned by my friend so i had no excuse for the tears.

  6. I love the buttons on your skirt!

    And I totally saw the previews for that Edward + Claire movie.. and was begging my husband to put it on our netflix queue. I thought it was a sappy romantic drama too... I guess I won't be seeing this one. I hate hate hate crying in movies (haha, I cry in ALL movies, I just hate super sad movies... like A Walk to Remember. THAT WAS HORRIBLE.)


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