Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wednesday Want

I kinda like Alloy. I've ordered a handful of things from them and I've always been happy with the stuff I got. The jeans I got a couple years ago have become particular favorites and I always see a few things I like in their catalog. Here's what I liked from the one I just got:

Trouser Jeans - Love the tabbed detail and the dark wash.
Maxi dress - I have a thing for maxi dresses. Love the floral print and lightweight look. Aaron likes this one too.
Wedges - Suede!
Heels -Such a great pattern on these. And I have a serious weakness for heels, which is weird considering I wear them for 3 hours once a week.
Cork heels -A bunch of the denim models in the catalog were wearing these and I loved the look. Maybe a fun alternative to a nude heel?
Striped A-line -Surprise! I love something with blue and white stripes. So out of character for me...
Ruched tankini- Not really a want since I've already got the J-Crew version, but this is pretty much the same thing, in case you've been eyeballing the more pricey one. Plus, I really love tankinis. All the bathroom convenience of a bikini with the belly coverage of a one piece. In my very professional opinion, tankinis are the perfect swimsuit.
Sparkly ankle sandals- Probably going to get these. I love a good sparkly sandal and I need a replacement for my sad, beaten down Maddens. These are strong contenders. The catalog had a lot of good summer sandal options.


  1. Those cork heels are so cool! Also, you are so so pretty.

  2. Um, I know that makes it sound like I think that picture is YOU. I mean, we may be internet friends, but I do know what you look like. I just think you have great style and look lovely all the time.

  3. i really like that skirt, and the cork heels are awesome! i posted my first wednesday want and linked back to you, check it out if you like. :)

  4. Great picks! I love those jeans, I covet them now.


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