Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Wednesday Want

Oh how I long for a chandelier. Not the stock cheapy faux goldy bronze ugly one hanging over our kitchen table, but a real one. The kind of light fixture that makes you go WOW in a good way and not in a "WOW, did you find that in a trash bin behind that row of tract homes?" way. Something whimsical like a Boontje, maybe. Or sparkly fun like that crazy pirate ship one from Ohdeedoh a few years back. Or even this insane conversation piece, which kind of reminds me of a Mad Hatter tea party.

But when my Real Simple came this month I fell in serious love with this one:

Sure, it's over $3500 but a girl can dream!

(also, I'm fairly certain the same chandelier makes an appearance here in Holly's Las Vegas New Years hotel room) (if you want to read about a seriously amazing New Year's Eve, go read her post. And freak out.)

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