Freckles in April: Victory

Friday, January 28, 2011


I mostly didn't get dressed this week. If you've ever been through potty training then you kind of understand why. At the end of the day I pretty much had to spray my house down with Clorox and incinerate my clothes.

Ok, it wasn't THAT bad, but there were a few times where I found myself whining to Aaron that our house would never be clean again. Especially after Stinky felt the need to play INSIDE his toy box with all his toys and then forgot to climb out in order to go potty. That right there is a germophobe's nightmare.

Aaron told me to stand up straight. This, apparently, is what that means to me.

BUT! It is finished! We have gone through our first potty training experience and lived to tell the tale.

In celebration, I put on my red pants. Sure, I still didn't GO anywhere (still too scary) and I didn't wash my hair (I did put my bangs in a french braid, which counts), and I put on the first shirt I grabbed (probably needs to be tossed, actually) but at least I wasn't wearing yoga pants that smelled vaguely like a public restroom. It's the small victories.

Undershirt- DEB, Shirt- ?, Pants- Gap


  1. Pretty sure I have that same shirt. And pretty sure I got it at Ross or TJMaxx. Sorry if this is bad news. :)

  2. Haha that actually sounds familiar...probably where I got it. I do love TJ Maxx and Ross. I

  3. Those pants are the cutest! Potty training sounds rough- I'm not sure I'd last :)

  4. oh boy, potty training! scares the pants off me. my son will be 1 next month and i am starting to dread the day ... but i love your red pants. love love love.

  5. I don't like potty training but I think we have got it now, finally!!! I do like those red pants and your hair! Whenever I think about cutting my bangs I remember you trying to grow yours out.


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