Freckles in April: Painting the Park Red

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting the Park Red

French braided bangs. Boo ya.

On Thursday I had grand plans for impracticality. I was going to forget about the mountain of laundry I had gotten super behind on and the dishes in the sink and the vacuuming and take my kids to the children's museum. And I was going to wear my first impractical purchase of the year and I was super excited about it.

 When Stinky came out of his room I was just about to say, "Guess where we're going today?" when he opened his mouth and vomited. So, um, nevermind on that. A day on the couch with Thomas the Train it was. And I just stayed in my pajamas since the odds of vomit ending up on me were high. I did (most of) the laundry, washed the dishes, and vacuumed and had an entirely practical day.

 So we made up for it yesterday. We went to the park and I?

Shirt- Gap, Pants- Gap, Boots- Kohls, Necklace- Old

I wore red pants.

These, my friends, are stretch red skinny cords fresh off the Gap clearance rack. Completely and totally impractical and I completely and totally love them. I was wearing a different outfit with them before I decided to spend our day at the park and turns out they are surprisingly versatile.

And surprisingly comfortable.

And if you think my outfit's resemblance to a certain beloved mustachioed movie character was lost on us you have another thing coming.

I was wondering if you would like to join me in my quarters this night... for some toast.


  1. That last photo and caption is the main reason we are friends.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I also love the fact that you have red pants. I just might have to find a pair for myself!

  3. hilarious. you are awesome. and the red pants are great.

  4. So, I was at the park and I see a mom getting out of her car wearing boots, a high bun and red pants. I knew it had to be you. Fabulous:). Sorry we couldn't chat more. Your reference to red, stretchy pants made me laugh.

  5. Ok so I basically already loved you but the nacho reference just did it for me. I would LOVE to join you in your quarters for some toast. Should I wear my frilly shirt.

  6. I love my red J. Crew cords and I have a pair of mustard yellow cords from GAP that I love even more.

  7. I wish that I could fully express how much I love this post. You're just...amazing. That's all.


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