Freckles in April: New! Diet! Plan!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New! Diet! Plan!

How to lose a lot of weight in just one week!

1. Through a combination of busyness, laziness, and illness, don't go grocery shopping for couple weeks. Start subsisting solely on love and the few frozen dinners you can find crammed in the back of your freezer.

2. Get a cold that makes everything taste really weird and makes you feel vaguely vomitous. Subsist on water and a sleeve of saltines for three days while your family digs for food in the trash cans and finally goes out to pizza without you.

3. Less than 48 hours later, get food poisoning/stomach flu/something else that renders you incapable of eating or drinking anything for a couple days. Try to eat saltines and water. Fail miserably. Get really dehydrated while your family goes to get your favorite Mexican food without you.

And that's it! So easy! So slimming! Sure, you might feel like you got hit by a truck, but eh. A little pain is good for you. The thing I'm really depressed about is missing out on the pizza and Mexican food. Blergh.

ANYWAY, I am feeling much better today and looking forward to being able to actually eat this week. After a month and a half of iffy eating (for which I am blaming my illnesses) Aaron and I are really ready to dive back into healthy eating. There is not a single piece of meat on our menu for the week. There are lots and lots of veggies. There is quinoa! I am excited.

There are several new recipes on the docket for the week so hopefully I'll have some good ones to share. Plus, there will be outfit blogging. Because that's how I roll.

It has nothing to do with this post but I love it. From here.

Happy Monday!


  1. when i'm sick, i don't lose weight. because all i want to do is eat junk food. not fair.

    and now i'm off to the gym!

  2. glad to hear you are feeling better! Seems like whatever you had was REALLY bad! Enjoy the food this week!

  3. Hey, I just tried that diet! And it really does work! Sucks tho. Sorry you were sick...I know how you feel!

  4. You can also get pregnant, get extremely sick, go to the ER, have a couple liters of IV solution and so far lose 15lbs. It's loads of fun!

  5. I'm trying to eat tons of veggies. Between you and my friend, Hayley, I'm inspired to eat a little more healthy by having fruits and veggies as snacks. Problem is, I get boooorrrred! We'll see how long it lasts!
    Also, glad you liked that link with the photos. Isn't the elephant just the cutest???


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