Freckles in April: Mediocre

Thursday, January 20, 2011



This week has been so very painfully mediocre. All the new recipes I've tried? Mediocre. All my outfits? Mediocre. My hair and skin have been mediocre (aren't I too old for breakouts??). Even my sleep has been mediocre. It has just been one of those weeks where I can't keep on top of the cleaning and laundry and nothing has been turning out as well as it should (with the exception of these cinnamon rolls. They are stinking good and were a perfect thank-you treat for all the people who helped me out during my Week of Pain and Illness. Plus that recipes makes a ton so I have a whole 'nother pan in the freezer for a rainy day).

So now I am feeling rather dull and uninspired and very grateful that it's almost Friday. So in honor of the impending weekend, would you share something inspiring or funny with me? Something that's making you smile and feel good? It could be anything...a recipe, a picture, an article, a blog post. Big, small, whatever it is I'll appreciate it.

Also, a mini html lesson for you that I recently learned and have found infinitely valuable-

This is the html code for adding links to comments (or anywhere) without posting the whole long link. Copy and paste your link between the quotation marks and whatever text you want there at the end.

<a href="your link here">your text here</a>

For example:

<a href="">Freckles in April</a>


Freckles in April

Awesome right? Ok, now share!


  1. i hope my ridiculousness brightened your day a little bit :)

  2. I just revamped my blog using an (I think) amazing picture my brother took as the background. Check it out!

  3. I don't endorse profanity, but I spent the better part of a day reading the other day and laughed so hard it hurt. For like three hours straight. But there are lots of swear words. Apparently everyone in the world swears like a sailor when their autocorrect makes them look like an idiot : )

    And also...Blaine meets with the Dean of BYU lawschool tomorrow. What for? No one knows, but for now I am banking on it being a full ride scholarship. One can dream right : )

    Here's hoping for a more exciting week next week!

    And also I made your spiced cider! Yum!

  4. Shawna- your ridiculousness made my MONTH.

    Janelle- I looove it. Such a gorgeous background.

    Kristi- Dude I LOVE that website. It kills me. I honestly think the swearing makes it that much funnier.

  5. Have you checked out the photo pool for The Put Together Project? It's fun to see how everyone puts themselves together, and it might be inspiring, too. I hope you have a better-than-average weekend!

  6. I made some really really really good muffins yesterday. But, as you might have guessed, they had banana in them.

    But CHOCOLATE Banana muffins. Seriously, SO TASTY.

  7. some things:

    - helvetireader to make your google reader pretty!

    - when parents text

    - kale chips! make them. there's probably a lot of good recipes online. i made them yesterday and inhaled a whole pan.

    happy weekend!

  8. Oh honey, you're NEVER too old for breakouts. It's a tough reality that I'm trying to accept. =) But I'm noticing that the breakouts are fewer and farther between the older I get.

    Things for smiling:
    This tumblog about Ryan Gosling (don't be turned off by the blog's title - the blog itself is clean as a whistle)
    Something from The Mormon Women Project

    Thanks for the tip on embedding links! Totally used it! =)

  9. I recently discovered this quote and it makes me smile:

    "wake up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of living." -Kahlil Gibran

    hope it brings a bit of light to you, too :)


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