Freckles in April: I Feel Like I Should Put a "Warning! Boob Related Post!" Kind of Title Right Here

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Feel Like I Should Put a "Warning! Boob Related Post!" Kind of Title Right Here

I currently have no clue what my bra size is. I wear a size small nursing bra and there have been a lot of ups and downs (if you know what I mean) since I started having babies and I just...don't know.

So I turned to good ol' Google and found myself a bra size calculator. I busted out my sewing tape measure and input my band and bust measurements and clicked "Calculate your size."

This is what it spit out:

I'm sorry, have you SEEN me?

Is it weird that I'm posting a picture and asking you to look at my boobs?

And that's me on a particularly busty day.

Nice try, Miss "Professional Bra Fitter" Lady. I think your calculator might be just a leeeetle bit off.


  1. I wore a 36B forever and ever, and then about a year ago I went in for a fitting on a whim with a girlfriend and found out I was a 34D (actually 33DD would be ideal, but that size is impossible to find). I was shocked. I never thought of myself as having that kind of a chest, but I bought a bra in my new size and a few days later went and bought 2 more. I couldn't believe how much better everything looked and felt.

    It is worth a trip to a bra store (not Target) to at least try your "new" size and see how it feels.


  2. Amen to Heidikins. She speaks the truth.

  3. I responded to Heidi via email but no fewer than 4 alternative calculators and tutorials put me at 34B, where I have spent most of my life (actually a smidge bigger if we're being honest here. But hey, I am nursing). I'm tossing the outlier.

  4. I had a sewing teacher who said that your bra size # is your size around (duh, we know that) and the cup size is roughly equivalent to the number of inches from your chest bone to the point (A=1, B=2, etc). By those measurements, the D's on a 32D would be much smaller than the D's on a 38D. I'm not sure that makes you a 32E, though. :P

  5. Ok, first off I love that you posted a (sideways) picture. Your awesome. And funny.

    Second of all, you are blessed. Be happy with being a B! ah! Im a C. Life is hard. Shirts hate me. I swear to you, my cleavage would find its way into the light of day even if I was wearing a turtleneck.

  6. Um, OK, this is hilarious. What factors did the calculator consider? Were they just giving you extra boob points for being a nursing mom and having wide shoulders, or something?

    Also, as you know I am a G cup now (weird!) and when I was a kid I would have KILLED to have cute little B-cups. All my bras look like industrial luggage. But you know, I have curly hair too and always wanted it straight. Boo hoo.

  7. I have no idea what I am. Nursing does this to a person. And now that I think about it, I don't know if my Bravado nursing bra has a real size on it... I think it's a "medium" or something to that effect.

  8. Actually the cup size gets bigger smaller depending on the rib cage size. A 32DD (which I also am) very closely compares to a 34C. I was shocked too but when I tried on my 32DD it fit so beautifully (tmi? sorry.)


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