Freckles in April: Dust + Cruise Attire

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dust + Cruise Attire

Pardon the dust around here. I completely broke my blog TWICE yesterday because I was messing with the HTML. And the fun's not over yet. Sorry if you come over today and there's just a crater where my blog used to be. It's a learning process over here.

Also, I'm fighting a cold (as is everyone around here except Baby 2. Seriously crossing fingers he escapes it) and will probably be laying low for a couple days. In the meantime, here's what I wore on our cruise that was like 2 months ago and I made Aaron take pictures of what I was wearing every day for blogging purposes but somehow am only just now getting around to posting. Ahem.

Dress- NY&Co, Cardigan- Charlotte Russe, Sandals- Soda

Dress- Banana Republic via Goodwill ($6!), Cardigan- Charlotte Russe, Cocktail ring- Charlotte Russe, Sandals- Soda
And a hair shot. It didn't weather the darn wind on deck real well but I loved it.
Grand Cayman. Shirt- Hanes, Skirt- Me, Sandals- Soda
Nasty cold, windy Cozumel. Hoodie- Aaron's, Shorts- Target, Shoes- Asics
Belize, on top of a Mayan temple. Same as Cozumel (more coldish rainy weather, though not as bad)
Roatan, Honduras. Shirt- Charlotte Russe, Shorts- Alloy, Flip flops- Locals

And a few more pictures, just for kicks and giggles:

Lalala, what? Oh him? Ya, he's just my monkey friend who tried to eat the beads off my shirt.
I let Aaron borrow him.
Aaron looking super cool on the zip line in Roatan
Me, not looking quite so cool (the guy behind me worked there and was bouncing the line. I thought I was going to die)
The Mask Temple at Lamanai in Belize
It's supposed to be a jaguar face. Can you see it?
We were SUPPOSED to be scuba diving. Stupid Cozumel.
That's our ship on the left
Zip line lovin'
That right there? That's my date. In his wedding tux, no less. Smokin'.

Swimsuit- J. Crew. All the seats on this beach were SWINGS. We are absolutely going back there.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    That was me squealing in jealousy as I read every single part of this post. Stupid, freezy Utah.

  2. Your cruise looks fun Kayla and you look great in all your photos!

  3. That cruise looks amazing!!! You look so beautiful in all the pictures!

  4. hope i didn't transmit my terrible cold through all those emails i sent you (thanks again). feel better soon!

  5. Ah! I was just going to ask if you had any trouble doing fancy stuff to your blog (I looked yesterday). Haha. But hey I read your info page and im left handed too!! We're special.


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