Freckles in April: The Corners

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Corners

Cardi- Anchor Blue, Shirt- Hanes, Pants- Dillards, Shoes- thrifted, Socks-Target, Necklace- gift from my sis

There are corners of my closet with bits of clothing I never wear but can't bring myself to throw away. It's the leftovers from my working days- tailored pants, khakis, fitted collared button-downs. It's all stuff I actually spent money on (a rarity for me) but most of it feels too nice to wear when my day will mostly consist of boogers and sippy cups.

I decided this week that I'm not going to let these pieces languish anymore. True, they might get ruined. As I type Baby 2 is coating my pants with a fine layer of drool, but better to have worn and lost than never to have worn at all.

When I pulled out these gray pants this morning I had a serious moment of buyer's remorse. I went to H&M this weekend with the lovely EK and almost bought this long striped cardigan from the men's section but changed my mind at the last second since blue + white + stripes pretty much defines my entire closet and what need do I have of one MORE blue and white striped thing in there? Except it would have been perfect for dressing down these pants and now I'm kicking myself. I hate when that happens. The teal works but it's not perfect, ya know?

Dreaming of that cardigan. And a necklace I decided against. Clearly I have a lot of work to do on improving my impracticality.

Also, I'm wearing gray and white striped knee-high socks under my black cut-out flats. I make no apologies. It's cold outside!


  1. Kayla, you are so pretty!

  2. pretty nice and so great!
    kisses beautie

  3. I have my "interview suit" and button down shirts gathering dust too (I work with kids and families and its quite, quite casual here), but they cost a bit of money and I "might" use them again some day... I should probably share them with someone who can use them :)

  4. the top pic is in the running for my favorite pic of you, ever. the end.

  5. well, the teal sweater looks really pretty with your eyes. i know that sounds cheesy but it's true.


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