Freckles in April: And it was all yellow

Monday, January 10, 2011

And it was all yellow

Aaron and I have a bit of a dark secret.

He hates most of my clothes.

He's really nice about took me a good four years of marriage to even figure it out. But we have vastly different tastes when it comes to women's clothing. When I first discovered that he never liked anything I wore I asked him to give me an example of someone who dresses the way he likes. He named a woman from our church who is A. over 50 and B. a grandmother. Granted, she is a fairly stylish grandmother, but really??

So I was fairly shocked yesterday morning when I was getting ready and he said, "That looks nice."

Tunic- eShakti, Skirt- old, Shoes- Target, Cuff- Bahamian street vendor

STOP THE PRESSES. Clearly, we had to document this for posterity. He even busted out the wide angle lens. That is some serious shiz right there.

This looks almost exactly like my senior photos. Except my hair was like a foot longer. And I was probably standing up straight.

I don't know what was so special about a yellow top and a dark gray skirt but, golldurnit, my husband liked it. And that's what matters.

This is what happens when Aaron isn't telling me how to pose.


  1. ha. this really cracked up. silly husbands.

    I love the look of those shoes! ummm and your green grass in the middle of January. insanely j.

  2. You are so so cute. I mean, it kills me.

  3. haha I'm so glad he liked it. I like it too :)

  4. I love that you posted this because it took me about a year after I got married to start wearing things that I like and not things my husband liked. He is funny taste in my opinion. I'm sure he would approve of this outfit you are wearing. I love it. It makes me happy to see bright yellow in January!! By the way you totally inspired me to go out and buy those red pants. Thanks!

  5. TAMI SWANSON??? My husband feels the SAME way :) Glad I found your blog...AGAIN!!!

  6. I just looked at a bunch of your posts and I love your style! I especially love this yellow top. You're super cute.


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