Freckles in April: Wish Fulfillment

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wish Fulfillment

In my previous blogging life I wrote about how much I LOVED Anne Hathaway's white motorcycle jacket in Get Smart. She came on screen wearing it and both my mom and I sat up and said, "I WANT THAT."

I actually found a really similar one online shortly after the movie came out but, at the time, it was $1200. And, I don't know about you, but I don't typically have over a grand just hanging out around my house for the buying of cute jackets (it has since dropped to under $800! Better hurry and buy one for yourself!!).

Fortunately, motorcycle jackets then decided to have a fashion moment and they're all over the place. I even saw some decently cute ones this week at Wal Mart for like $15.

I, however, fell in love with a Gap one a couple months ago while it was still hot outside and brought it home with me.

Please ignore the water spots on the mirror. Thank you.

It may not be white (I have two children and no delusions about how long a white jacket would last in my house) but I love it. A real leather version would be nice (understatement) but this one is a kind of structured knit and is super cozy. I wore it on the plane to Florida for our cruise since I tend to freeze on airplanes and it ended up being wise since we had a layover in BUFFALO that we somehow didn't know about.

(Aaron didn't know we were going to Buffalo until the plane was landing and it was snowy and subzero outside. He seriously has his own world going on sometimes. I at least realized what was going on during the takeoff announcements)

After months of staring longingly at it hanging in my closet, winter has finally kinda sorta decided to descend upon us and I'm getting to wear it sometimes!


  1. I have a navy jacket that looks just like that! Probably the same material too because it's definately very cozy. Kinda stretchy almost. I got mine at forever 21 on sale for $11!!

  2. I have that same jacket from Gap! I like it, wish it was a little more fitted. Glad you guys had fun on your trip!

  3. aw i was in love with that white jacket too.

    yours is adorable. i have a sorta similar one from urban that i've been wearing way too often lately.

  4. Oh I have so so so many jackets like this. It's kind of an addiction- everytime I go shopping and a pair of pants doesn't fit, I buy a blazer or jacket. A lot of mine are more military or nautical style though, cause I like the structure of them :)

  5. I love motorcycle jacket style, and the one you have on is fabulous! Just as cute as Anne's, for sure! :)

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