Freckles in April: On Not Being White Trash

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Not Being White Trash

We spent the first (almost) 5 years of our marriage in a cute little 3 bedroom house with a lot of character. I spent a lot of time working on the inside. I painted. I furnished. I adorned. And I ended up with a mostly finished house that I really loved (a re-done kitchen would have been nice, but you know).

We agreed early in our marriage that the inside of the house was my job and the outside of the house was Aaron's job. I occasionally got him to pull weeds but mostly our yards languished. Our backyard became a weedy jungle and the bushes and trees in our front yard became horribly overgrown. I threatened to hire a landscaper a few times but never made good and it didn't look particularly awesome when we moved out.

The investor we sold it to had a crew of guys come out and do the yards. It was one of those things where you don't know how bad something has gotten until it gets fixed. The house looks amazing. They even put grass out back and for some reason it made the yard look 3 times bigger.

The yard was always a source of a kind of constant low level embarrassment for me so seeing it all fixed up just made me feel worse about the years of neglect the yard suffered at our hands. It had so much potential! And we let it down!

I was talking to a friend from the old neighborhood a few weeks ago and she said, "Have you seen your old house?" And I replied that I had just driven by and it looked very nice. And then she went on and on and on about how much better it looked. And I officially felt like white trash.

So New Year's resolution number two? Do not be the white trash family of the neighborhood.


  1. As long as there were no broken down cars (or toilets. I never understood that one.) in the yard, I think you're safe from trashy even if it wasn't stellar. Good luck!

  2. great resolution. for the resolution to work for me i would somehow have to get out of my husband's family but not abandon my husband. can you divorce extended family?


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