Freckles in April: On Being (im)Practical

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Being (im)Practical


I had a really good Christmas. Seriously and unexpectedly good. My parents and in-laws spoil us rotten.

My grandma, upon seeing all my gifts, commented, "Wow, this has been a very...practical Christmas for you, hasn't it?"

I took stock. New kitchen towels, a paper shredder, a bike pump, a tortilla press, a mandolin, kitchen shears, a couple cookbooks, a paper cutter.


I was really excited about all of it (tortillas will take me like 3 seconds to make now! The paper cutter has a blade that perforates!), but my grandma had a point.

My mom piped up, "That's just where you ARE in your life. You're very practical."

Over the next few days this kind of started to bother me. As a teenager I owned 27 lip glosses just because I liked lip gloss. Now? I own zero. I own chapstick instead because it's cheaper, more moisturizing, and...more practical.

At my last-minute Christmas Eve Target run I looked longingly at a pair of super sparkly heels for a minute but didn't try them on. What would be the point? Even if I loved them I wouldn't buy them because they didn't go with anything and where would I wear them? Better to admire from afar and carry on.

It's the same story with jewelry. I don't own much because what purpose does jewelry serve? It doesn't keep you warm. It doesn't provide any coverage. I have a kid who wants to eat anything dangly I do manage to put on and I'm going to end up with a torn earlobe or chain burn on my neck. Why bother?

I can submit a thousand more bits of evidence to support how incredibly boringly practical I have become in my old age and the more I thought about it the more depressed I got. So when I started to ponder New Year's resolutions I immediately thought, "I want to be impractical."

Not all the time..that's no way to live either. But this year I resolve to occasionally put off buying something I need in favor of something I want. I will allow myself to spend some of my money on things that are sparkly, things that are lacy, things that only match one item in my whole closet.

I will read a fluffy novel instead of cleaning the kitchen. I will try on things I have no intention of buying in stores I can't afford. I will put off meal planning and take a nap. I will wear my jewelry even if it means taking it off within an hour so it doesn't get destroyed by baby hands. I will get myself a tube of lip gloss. No, I will get myself two lip glosses. And I will like it.


  1. What a good new years resolution! :)

    I do admit I may indulge myself a little TOO much, and I should probably start being more practical. But I do love practical gifts, those are always nice. :)

  2. Amen. I'll be a bit less practical too.

  3. I felt much the same way when shopping for my SIL's Christmas gift(she's a college student with lots of boys to impress :0). I liked every single thing I picked out for her, but I would never spend $50 on such frivolous adornments. $50 is my entire month's clothing budget! I'm not going to waste it on a sparkley scarf, cute hat, and dangling earrings. Maybe I should though--perhaps after my husband lands a full-time paying job?

  4. I love love love this post. come live near me and we can be impractical together.

  5. I hear ya! I'm horribly practical. We got socks and Amazon gift cards for Christmas.


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