Freckles in April: Miracles

Monday, December 13, 2010


I got to see pictures of a friend's brand new baby this weekend and I found myself teary much of the day as I thought about this sweet friend and her much-wanted and long-awaited (5 years!) teeny daughter.

I've been very lucky...everything works for us. When we decide we're ready for a baby everything goes the way it should and, after a miserable pregnancy, we walk out of the hospital holding a bald squishy little bundle.

I have a fairly strict "no babies on the blog" policy but I really doubt anyone is going to recognize Baby 2 from this picture or Stinky from the one below. Newborns are pretty anonymous looking.

But I feel like I'm one of the very few. SO MANY of my friends have had to struggle with the pain of infertility and so when they do finally get their sweet bundles I feel that much more overwhelmed by gratitude. I know many little "fertility miracles" these days and their births always feel a little more special because they were just that much harder to get and, in many cases, I know of the devastated tears that preceded the happy ones.

And don't even get me started on adoption. When a dear friend adopted her second daughter I couldn't even talk about it for weeks because I'd burst into tears. I was just. so. happy. for her and so overwhelmed by the the sacrifice of another woman that allowed that darling baby to join my friend's family.

So this morning I've been thinking about how thankful I am for these babies; no matter how they get here, no matter how long they take, and no matter where they originally came from. They're all little miracles.

and now I totally want another one. Darn baby pictures get me every time.


  1. Hello! I'm so happy you posted this. I often talk to Travis about this very thing. We are also so fortunate to be able to have a baby when we desire. And I know there are so many people out there that struggle. Babies are so precious and it makes me so happy to hear about a person who was able to finally have a baby after wanting one for years.
    Glad to hear you guys had a nice trip! When we went on our Alaskan cruise we felt the same way about the food. It was okay :( . It's funny, because they had this apple pie called "American Apple Pie." The strangest thing was that it had raisins in it. Never had that before and I never care to again. The ship was of a more European style, thus the food was represented of that. I hope to one day go on a cruise with DELICIOUS food. I heard that Princess cruises has really good food. Kristy :)

  2. loved this post, kayla.

    here's hoping i won't have to wait much longer :)

  3. Your babies are adorable. I kind of secretly (or not so much) want another one too. But not until this baby I currently have is done breastfeeding and sleeps through the night. Ah.


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