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Monday, December 20, 2010


As it turns out, I'm kind of trendy. Which is A. hilarious and B. a little confusing. I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my life I've ever been on trend with anything and I kind of feel like it should be commemorated. Do I get like a certificate or something? Maybe a little plaque? Because that would be awesome.

(Reminds me of this post. If you've never read her blog you need to click over. So. stinking. hilarious. And weird. And relateable.) (also, this post made me think I might die because I was laughing too hard to breathe)

Anyway, I have a lot to cover on this subject, so on to the questions! I pulled these from emails and comments on both the original post on my old blog and the re-post here.

First, let's talk DIY Sea Salt Spray.

Q. What purpose does the salt serve?

A. I have no idea. But I can tell you that just gel mixed with water doesn't have the same effect (I got lazy one day), so it does do SOMETHING.

Q. How thick is your hair?

A. Very medium. My hair is average in all things. Average brown color. Average length. Average thickness. Average texture (a little wave, mostly straight).

Q. How much do you use?

Depends on what I'm trying to do. The original spray I bought suggests saturating damp hair with the stuff and letting it air dry for beachy waves. I never did that because it was like $8 (+ shipping!) per bottle and I had really long hair and I had no desire to use $4 worth of product just to see what happened. Plus my attempts at "beachy waves" always look messy and gross.

If my hair is going to be down then I just do a few spritzes. The more you use, the stickier your hair will feel and if my hair is down I like it to feel relatively normal. But I do need the volume boost it gives me so I concentrate it a bit more on my roots on hair-down days. It helps my hair hold curl a lot better than it naturally does but it also helps it stay straight if that's the way I decide to go. So pretty much I use it every single day.

Long and pin straight? Sea salt spray (also, that was 30 weeks with Baby 2. Not a recent picture) (I SO do not miss being fat)

Wavy? Sea salt spray.

If I'm wearing my hair up I use quite a bit more. The stickiness factor helps my hair hold its style for a really long time. I am a leeetle embarrassed to admit this, but I have been known to make a bun last 3-4 days with this stuff. I sleep on it and everything and just use some dry shampoo on my bangs (Batiste, if you're wondering. Got mine at Sally's). Or, if they're getting really greasy, I've gotten pretty good at pulling just my bangs out of my shower cap and shampooing them and blow drying them without messing everything else up. By the end I'm usually pinning up a few pieces but mostly it just stays where I put it. That's the power of The Spray.

This? Is a 3 day old bun. A little bedheady? Yes. But still holding? Absolutely.

I really do think I'm going to try a nicer gel next time and see what happens though. I love my sea salt spray, but its not perfect.

Q. How exactly do you use it?

Towel dry my hair, spritz all over, blow dry, style. Nothing fancy going on over here, folks.

And now for The Bun!

Any and all questions I've had relative to The Bun pretty much boil down to: how do you do it?

I had planned a full on photo tutorial for this but the very day I was going to cart my camera into my bathroom to take some amazingly awkward pictures of myself doing my hair I realized that Syd over at The Daybook has a bun VIDEO. And we have almost the exact same process.

The only differences are that A. I use a ton of sea salt spray before blow drying. Her hair is much longer and textured thanks to her curl. I have to get my volume and texture from the spray, otherwise my bun looks pretty anemic and doesn't stay up well. And B. She tends to wear hers a little higher than I do. Some people can pull off the bun directly-on-top look. I think I am A. too old and B. not stylish enough for this. Know your limits when it comes to pony placement. I shoot for high but not directly on top of my head.

Also, she spends a lot of time combing out her bumps while getting her pony arranged. I...rarely take the time to do that. But my hair lays pretty straight on its own and combing it out the way she does would steal some of my very hard earned volume. Experiment a bit and do what works with your own hair.

Ok, I think that about covers it...any more questions or requests? Did I miss anything?


  1. Wow, this is actually perfect. I was just about to email you to ask for a tutorial on that. My hair is much too short, but hey it'd be nice to know about it when my hair grows out. Plus, my hair is long enough to get in the pony, but the bun would be a problem. Maybe i'll come up with some sort of style for short hair.

  2. OMG, I love your buns! and yeah, totally agree that sydney's bun is totally cute on her, but not very practical for us normal folk. but if you say that you're too old and not stylish enough, then that means I'm an old hag. LOL

    Anyway, thanks for explaining the sea salt stuff. I'm going to have to try it out, after I get my hands on some gel..

  3. ooo two things:

    I made the spray in an old body wash bottle so it smells SO nice. THANK YOU for the hair is far from voluminous but this helps

    try as I might the top knot makes me look like a granny with a spool of blonde thread on my head. so...very jealous of yours...but thanks for the tips!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Leighana- Keep trying! You'd be surprised what you can do with enough spray and teasing. I got mine into a fairly respectable bun when it was barely shoulder length. It just took some work and a lot of bobby pins.

    Kimmie- haha you are FAR from an old hag. But ya..Syd can pull things off that us mere mortals can't.

    Grace- I really just cannot picture you as EVER looking grannyish. But I'm so glad the spray works for you!

  5. holy moly! how could you be 30 weeks in that pic?? tiny! by 30 weeks i had just gotten my first belly stretch mark and was more swollen than anyone else in the whole world. ever. you looked ah-mazing. sooo jelaous of your preggo pretty skills. PS: pretty sure i missed the point of this post but i'm still in shock. ;)


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