Freckles in April: Gifts from 30 for 30

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gifts from 30 for 30

As hard as it got toward the end, 30 for 30 was really good for me. I am much more content with my closet since I suddenly see it as full of possibilities instead of the same old boring stuff. It helped me weed out a few things that really weren't working. And it made me super speedy at outfit creation.

Sundays used to be a closet disaster over here. One morning, after watching me try on no fewer than 6 outfits, Aaron observed, "Getting dressed is kind of rough for you, isn't it?" And my response was to sigh, "IT'S SO HARD" and throw myself on our bed in despair.

Now? Bah. Watch me pull 3 perfectly workable outfits from my closet in 3 minutes and be out the door with time to spare.

For example, a very long weekend combined with a rough night for Baby 2 saw me kicking Aaron out of bed on Sunday morning so he could take care of the kids and I could sleep in. Which is how it came to be that Aaron woke me up at 8:50 by saying, "Hey, are you going to this baby blessing on the calendar at 9?"

Gasp. Expletive. Fly out of bed, throw on makeup, brush hair and thank the heavens it's already curled and not too greasy, grab an outfit, run out the door, sit in seat just in time to hear, "We will now be privileged to witness the blessing of a new baby..."


Dress- Shabby apple, Belt- JC Penney, Boots-Charlotte Russe

This isn't one of my default isn't even one that I've worn in the past year (at least). So the fact that I was able to put this on and not second guess myself to the point of changing three times was a miracle. Second guessing would have meant not making it in time to see my dear friend's baby get blessed and I would have been very sad.

And then I got home from the baby blessing and realized I couldn't nurse in that dress without completely removing it (probably not super appropriate in the mother's lounge) and had to change into something else to go to our church a couple hours later. Normally this would be a cause for great distress I could handle it.

Dress- Seesaw Vintage, Scarf- old, Belt- thrifted, Boots- same as above, Earrings- Armelle Jewelry

Sunday Outfit: The Sequel came together within minutes and I didn't spend ages fretting over it. I have this great dark blue knee length jacket I was able to throw over both outfits and I was set. And it wasn't hard or painful or sigh-inducing. I just got dressed and it was easy and that was that.

Hallelujah. Does the fact that I'm finally able to dress myself mean I'm a grown-up now?


  1. Love that white dress! So pretty on you!

  2. Oh my goodness! Is that what happens when you grow up?! You can put on clothes without changing several times or having a mental breakdown! Ah! I cant wait to grow up. This is great news.

  3. hooray for the seesaw vintage dress. looks really cute.

    also, i'm thinking maybe i need to do 30 for 30. pretty sure i already confessed this to you but that's exactly what happens to me every sunday... and it's why i'm always 15 minutes late to 8am (TOO EARLY!) church. let's be honest, it happens almost every day. i have issues.

  4. I'm still working on being a grown-up....

    I love reading this and seeing what you gained from the challenge. You seem to have really found what works for you and your life is easier for it! Getting dressed quickly and being happy with your closet! Hallelujah indeed!

    The Auspicious Life

  5. Someday I will do this. . .


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