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Friday, December 3, 2010

From the Archives

This post was crazy popular on my old blog. It brought in a ton of Google traffic and I got a ton of emails from people thanking me for sharing it. So I figured it should get a repost! I still use this DIY Sea Salt Spray all the time (still using the same bottle, gel and salt) and, in fact, it's the secret to getting my go-to high bun looking decent now that my hair is kind of too short to hold the style real well. I've also noticed that it keeps my hair from looking greasy and I'm able to go longer between shampoos. I don't know why it does that, but I don't argue.


When I posted about the one thing I can't live without and the 4 things I really really like I had a lot of questions about and interest in my Sedu Beach Beauty spray. Coincidentally, while I was working on that post this post from notMartha popped up in my reader explaining how to make your own. I meant to link to it but then forgot. And then I ran out of spray and it became this how-to post.

The recipe is really simple:
4 oz water
generous squirt of water based hair gel
1 tsp epsom salt

I just mixed it all together in the old bottle (but any of those little $2 drug store spray bottles would work) and voila:

New spray!

I have mixed feelings about the result. It doesn't have quite the same "stick" as the original (which could probably be remedied through the use of different hair gel but this CVS one was dirt cheap and I am dirt cheap and thus we were meant to be) and my hair got kind of tangly while I was trying to dry it but Aaron mentioned multiple times how awesome my hair looked tonight. So it works just fine, but if you decide to try it you might go with a different gel. The original post at notMartha mentions a couple gels in particular, so maybe try those. I might up the salt too, just to see what happens.

Also, the original has this amazing coconut smell and my version has this vague, watered down floral scent from the gel. I'm wondering if I can find some coconut scented oil or something to give my DIY version that same wonderful whiff of the tropics.

The big bonus of making my own is that I didn't feel like I had to be quite so stingy with it. I have tons of gel and salt left, so running out doesn't mean spending more money. Also, you can mess with the formula after it's mixed. Too sticky? Add water. Not enough stick? Add gel. Easy!

Edit: go here for more info!


  1. Love that stuff!

    And for the record, I recently ran out while at my mom's, so I made some more with her (way more expensive) gel, and unfortunately, I can tell a difference. But I'm dirt cheap, so I'll stick with the cheapy cheap gel.

  2. Oooh thanks for posting this. I had never even though of making it myself. Granted I've never used sea salt spray before... but I can totally make it and just dump it if I don't like it :)

  3. OOOh this is so awesome! I totally fell in love with a similar hair product that is no longer made--now I can just make my own!

  4. Can we pleeeeaaaaase get before and after pictures. Also can you state how thick your hair is so I know what to kinda expect. But most of all, pictures!!!!


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