Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 24

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 for 30: Day 24

I love this picture. It's so totally me. Aaron is kind of over being my daily photographer ("Um, I know you're working and all providing for the fam and stuff but...can you come take my picture??") but seeing as he is an ACTUAL photographer he has some fun little gizmos, like a really nice tripod and a fancy remote shutter thing that I've been begging him to teach me how to use since, oh, the week before 30 for 30 began.

So this morning he finally changed the settings on my camera, slapped the remote in my hand, and went back to some important phone call thing. And I was already late for my spa day (!) so the one picture I got was a, "How the heck does this stupid thing work??!?" and then I had to run out the door. So here ya go. This is what I wore to my spa day.

Speaking of my spa day, I kind of always think facials are a thing you do just because it's fun and it's nice to lay around for 30-60 minutes while someone rubs nice smelling things on your face and then gives you a scalp massage. But when I went in today my skin was in the middle of its annual AGH! THE WEATHER! IT CHANGES! freakout and I was kind of looking like my 15 year old self all over again. But when I walked out? Well, it wasn't perfect or anything (she's a facialist, not a magician), but it was about a thousand times better. And all the way home I had daydreams about budgeting for monthly facials and having gorgeous skin and...aahhhhh. And then I got home and came back to reality, but at least it was a reality with nicer skin.


  1. Haha, love the picture. Totally something I would do.

    p.s. I still dont know how to do that email-to-comments thing you were talking about.

  2. funny - probably something I would do to... cute outfit though!

  3. Totally feel the same way about facials. I used to think it was just nice to sit there and get pampered, but then one time I actually saw a significant difference in my skin and realized that they actually *do* improve my skin (most of the time). HAHA, I am a smart one, I guess.

    Just posted a giveaway over at my blog. Hope you can come enter! :)

  4. GIRL YOU ARE SO PRETTY IN THIS PHOTO. it really is a great shot.
    love the cuffed pants and the belted sweater! and the top knot!


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