Freckles in April: 30 (29) for 30 (29): Day 29

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 (29) for 30 (29): Day 29

Accessories: scarf-from my good friend Marisa, wedding ring

I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!! Yaaaay! I was only supposed to be done like...three weeks ago. This has dragged on way too long thanks to vacations and illness and the fact that we haven't gotten out of pajamas this week. But now I'M DONE and I can finally put everything back where it goes in my closet in its proper place (having things out of order this whole time has made me twitchy).

Also, I put extra effort into getting out of pajamas today (despite the nasty weather) because it's our fifth anniversary (yaaay!). And my kids even cooperated by sleeping in and giving me plenty of time to get dressed and whatnot.

And then it turned out there was a reason for Stinky sleeping until 9:30. The Plague has descended upon our household (darn you, church nursery!!). And if Stinky is sick then Baby 2 is doomed which means I am likely doomed since Baby 2 loves to nurse and then cough in my face. Aaron might come out of this unscathed but odds are not good.

So I'm enjoying my health while it lasts and will probably have to go shopping today before I am quarantined for a week. Not that I'm complaining.

Can I just say how awesome it is that scarves can be belted?? I am one of those idiots who wears a scarf and always ends up dragging the ends through something gross because they're just hanging there. But then some incredibly smart person decided to throw a belt on there and ta-da! Significantly reduced draggage factor. I cleaned the kitchen in this outfit with nary a speck of oatmeal or mashed graham cracker ending up on my scarf. Brilliant.

I'M DONE!! Also, I am a nerd.


  1. You seriously make me wish I could wear belts. Even at my skinniest, belts and I don't get along. But you make them look awesome!

  2. YES!! You finished! And you went out on a great note! That belted scarf really works on you.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. thanks again for coming last weekend - so fun to see you. and hopefully you'll post a photo of you wearing the dress at some point :)


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