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Friday, November 26, 2010

From the Archives

Another post from early in my pregnancy with Baby 2.


Pregnancy makes me really weird about food. Like, I get really possessive (see: the Eggo Debacle of 2007). And also maybe kind of bottomless since I ate an entire Cafe Rio burrito by myself yesterday and those things are as big as your head. And I'm super open to the power of suggestion, so like if you say the words "cinnamon roll" in my vicinity you better darn well be ready to make an emergency run to the mall so I can have Cinnabon. Food billboards are a serious problem for this very reason.

Yesterday I went to the mailbox to check for new mail and saw a cherry Tootsie Roll on the ground leftover from Halloween.

I LOVE cherry Tootsie Rolls. When we went trick-or-treating with Stinky he got a couple cherry Tootsie Rolls and and some Laffy Taffy and it was the best thing ever because A. he can't eat that stuff yet and B. I LOVE CHERRY TOOTSIE ROLLS AND LAFFY TAFFY (but not the banana flavor). I was really annoyed when he didn't get more and I finished it all off before we even got home.

Anyway, I saw that cherry Tootsie Roll on the ground and had an overwhelming craving for a cherry Tootsie Roll. So I picked it up and brought it inside.

I showed it to Aaron and said, "I found this on the ground outside. Would it be weird if I ate it?" To which Aaron stared at me and said, "Um, ya. It would definitely be weird if you ate it."

"Ok," I sighed. I put it on the counter. "I'm still going to have to think about it though."

Ten minutes later we were heading out the door to my parents' house for a movie night and Aaron said, "Don't forget your Tootsie Roll!"

To which I replied, "Um..I already ate it."

And then Aaron made fun of me for the rest of my life.

So this is me. Admitting to the internets that I ate candy off the ground a week after Halloween. And I liked it. And if there was any chance of finding another cherry Tootsie Roll in my front yard I'd be out there looking for it right now.

Pregnancy. It's fun.

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