Freckles in April: Crafty Weekend

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crafty Weekend

Does anyone else have crash crafting weekends? Where your kitchen table is just out of commission because there is fabric and glitter and paint everywhere and you can't find enough real estate to put a plate, much less a whole dinner? And you just kind of pump out one thing after another until your To Finish pile is FINALLY (almost) conquered? And then you look at the mess and go, "I...think I'll clean that up tomorrow." and you just kind of pretend it's not there for a while?

That was this weekend for me.

I've been putting off a lot of things because our 4th bedroom is supposed to be a craft room/guest room/storage room but I need a desk for my craft stuff (we're getting this as soon as we can make the loooong trek to Ikea) and so it's the one room in our house that's still in boxes. And I just couldn't quite stomach the idea of going in there, fishing out the stuff I needed, and actually getting anything done.

But then a friend needed help with a project on Friday so I had to dig out my sewing machine and requisite accouterments. And since I had them out I got around to finishing one of my bigger sewing projects (a Christmas present!) and it felt SO nice to get that done that I just kept on going.

My favorite thing that came out of the weekend was this:

While I was digging around for my rotary cutter I found my long-lost black fabric paint and freezer paper and thought maybe it was time for a little freezer paper stenciling. After Baby 2 was born my dad rediscovered this old cowboy song that has Baby 2's name in it and now we sing it all the time. I made a stencil using this little cowboy graphic and the line from the song with Baby 2's name above it and put it all on a onesie. He's wearing it today and I love it so much.

I love doing freezer paper stencils. Maybe time to jazz up one of my Hanes v-necks?

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  1. How do you get your freezer paper stencils to look so AWESOME?! I tried it once and it looked HORRIBLE. like, fabric paint bleeding underneath the stencil and making ugly smudges horrible. :(


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