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Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30: My Items

 What is 30 for 30? Check out the rules here.

I knew a girl growing up who had a stinking TON of clothes. Her family was pretty well off and she had an entire shelf in her spacious closet devoted to items that still had tags on them. When we were sophomores she decided to see if she could go a whole school year without repeating outfits. She kept a log of what she wore every day and, what do you know? She did it. Easily.

High-school-me was pea-green with envy over her closet. Adult-me is still kind of jealous but also thinks the whole thing was a little ridiculous. No one needs that many clothes.

But remembering that girl and that school year goal gave me the final push into this challenge. I can totally do that (on a much smaller scale)! It just takes a bit of creativity and I've become way too predictable with my clothing.

So here are my participants-


My beloved sparkly Steve Maddens. They are getting seriously beat up but I can't live without them! I am on the lookout for a replacement sandal, FYI.

New dark brown boots from Charlotte Russe.

Gray Madden Girl heels and my beloved Toms wedges

Slouchy gray suede boots. I have a love/hate relationship with them because they're flats and really need some kind of lift. I never wear them because I think they make me look stumpy so I'm trying to change my mind about them and get some mileage out of my investment.
 NOT making an appearance: my Locals flip flops. I rely on them way too much. I'm a 25 year old woman; it's time to class up the footwear a bit.


Skinnies. I never wear them because I hate the rise, but I love everything else about them so I'm going to make them work.
Because it's still nice enough here to want/need to wear shorts some days! I think they're from Alloy.

Gap straight legs. My wardrobe workhorse. Got them for $8 when they were clearing out their old styles. King's to me, Fernand.
 Other pants:

AE grayish skinny cords. Not particularly comfy (no stretch!) but I do love them.

Leggings. Love 'em. Don't wear 'em all that often.

Gap. I don't wear it much at all because I never know what to wear it with but I love it. It's much more flattering than it looks in this picture.

I don't remember where I got this but this skirt is my best friend. Soft, below the knee, perfect for chasing babies without flashing anyone.

 (most of which need a hot date with an iron. They'll be beaten into submission before wearing.)

The whites. Collared button down I've had for ages. H&M pleated top. My Hanes v-neck uniform (I own 12. For real. I counted. Thanks to babies/cooking/art projects I go through them pretty fast)

The layering pieces. Drapey jersey cardi from Charlotte Russe (prob my favorite thing in my closet right now). White cardi from Target. Lacy cami from JC Penney that is wonderfully stretchy and easy to nurse in.

The tunics. Blue pleated from Marshall's (love). Plaid from Old Navy. Blue and white stripe from H&M

The button-ups (a nursing mommy must). Blue gingham from Gap. Other two from an emergency Target shopping trip right after Baby 2 was born and I realized all my clothes were anti-nursing.

Stuff that should have been included in previous pictures but I can only hang so much from my mirror. Teal drapey top from New York & Co. Black and white pinstripe button from TJ Maxx. Gray open top from NY&C.


F21 dress I've had for ages but never wear. Love the top. Hate the sleeves. Might bust out the sewing machine this week and make a quick alteration. And probably remove the cheapy looking ornamental buttons for easier belting.

 That's actually only 29 pieces. I wanted my 30th piece to be my new dress. It arrived in time for the challenge but not in time to be photographed. Also, I ordered at least a size too big, possibly 2 (if you get that dress, size down!) AND I'm pretty sure it arrived without the longer hemline I ordered. So it might need to be taken in and I might have to figure out if I can lengthen it a bit somehow. If I can't get it wearable in time I'll be throwing in a sleeveless black Gap maxi dress as my 30th item.

I was kind of worried this would be hard but as I was looking at my items I realized I could put together far more than 30 outfits (especially since you could just change the shoes and technically call it a new outfit). Piece of cake.*

*totally going to eat those words in 2 weeks when I can't figure out what to wear and hate myself for even trying this challenge.


  1. You have a lot of clothing that I really really really like.

    Next time we are together, I shall be forced to make you take me shopping and help me find some excellent clothing.

  2. Good luck!! I belive you could do it! If it were me, my selection would be some dresses, all my jeans, and then just the hanes v-necks. I sware, they're so easy, i love them. THANK YOU for mentioning them however long ago in your past blog. Love, love, love them! I have a billion now too.

  3. I'm pretty sure this is only 28. Yes, my slightly OCD tendencies may have forced me to count them all. But this means you can add one more!

  4. Wow, you're right! I counted my items a million times and kept coming up with 30 when I included my dress. I wonder if another shirt got lost in the mix somewhere. That's probably what happened. I'll have to figure out what's missing.

  5. Hahhaa - I thought the same thing to myself today, "NO BIG DEAL! I can totally create 30+ outfits with this selection!" I am 99.9% positive I will also be eating my words in no time.

    Loving your selection... I was thinking about buying those Charlotte Russe boots a while ago but never did because they don't know them ON anyone on the website. I hate that! I'm looking forward to seeing them on you so I can get a better look and then possibly add them to my Christmas wish list. :)

  6. hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)


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