Freckles in April: 30 for 30: A Grace Day

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 for 30: A Grace Day

I'll be honest, I stayed in my pajamas yesterday. Stinky gave us a ridiculously early wake-up call and none of us seemed to be able to pull ourselves out of that early morning exhausted funk. He put himself down early for a 4 hour nap but unfortunately most of us don't have that same luxury.

The fam (minus spouses and Stinky) at Jared's very wet graduation a year and a half ago

And yesterday morning I had to say goodbye to my baby brother for two whole years. He and my dad stopped by our house on their way to Utah to drop Jared off at the MTC and as I gave him a hug goodbye I thought, "How do you even physically let go of someone when you're not going to see them for so. stinking. long?"

Over the past few months Stinky and Jared have become good friends. They'd spend hours "shooping" this little nerf dart gun of my brother's or playing with his remote control car. When I told Stinky about Jared's mission he said, "I go Mexico with Jared." And he's pretty annoyed at being left behind. It comes up a lot.

Jared has never been one to show overt affection so he'd always come over and poke at me or pretend he was really tired and just needed to rest his head on mine for a moment. And I'd smile because I knew he was really doing it because he loved me and wasn't sure how to just give me a hug.

Several friends have assured me that it's not nearly so bad when it's a brother as opposed to a boyfriend but I still get sad when I think about the things that he won't be around for in the next 2 years. Stinky will be almost FIVE when he gets back (gulp). Baby 2 will be the age Stinky is now. My sister and I will probably both have another baby by the time he gets back. And there will be moves and changes and who even knows what. Two years is a long time.

But I know it will be amazing and he will be amazing and he will love it.

See you in two, brother.

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  1. This was a lovely post. Thank you. Brothers are really great, and it's hard to give them up for 2 years! On the other hand, when my brother left we had a 2 year old nephew. I spent the next 2 years working to convince Eric that I was awesome (all of the nephews idolize my brother, so this was my one chance to get in good). It worked. For the first month after Q came home, Eric told everyone that I was his favorite uncle. It wore off after the month, though. I wouldn't worry too much about the boys. They'll miss him, but it won't take too long to start back up again.


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