Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 8

Monday, November 15, 2010

30 for 30: Day 8

Accessories: thrifted blue belt, bird necklace I bought ages ago (probably from Claire's or somewhere cheapy like that), and wedding ring

I think one of the things I miss most about my pre-children life is that if I didn't sleep enough during the week I knew I'd be able to catch up over the weekend. I'd sleep in, probably have a Sunday nap, and by the time Monday came I was ready to roll.

With kids, especially with a baby in the house, I usually feel like I'm lagging behind with my sleep and I'm never going to quite catch up. This has been one of those weeks. Baby 2 has been waking up a lot at night (3-4 times a lot) to eat and since he's so small I just can't bring myself to make him cry it out and deny him the calories. So I get up and feed him and the next day I feel like a zombie. On Sunday I hit a wall and Photographer, bless his heart, handled the babies (who really needed naps too but refused to sleep) and I got to spend an hour curled up warm in my bed completely zonked. It was glorious and resulted in the disheveled and sleepy but happy picture you see above. It's amazing the difference one little nap can make.

I love my photographer.


  1. cute outfit and I really like your hair! That was nice of your photographer to let you take a nap. What a great guy! Kristy

  2. photographer is so sweet. i'm glad you got a tiny break :D

    and i can never pull of maxis, but you look fantastic! kudos!


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