Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 6

Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 for 30: Day 6

Pretty sure I'm looking progressively more tired and disheveled in each of these pictures. The sleeping around here has been less than ideal this week. As in I have seen 3:30am pretty much every morning. Fun times. Accessory: necklace from my sister. Forgot my wedding ring. Again.

I have a little bit of short man syndrome. When we left elementary school my amazon of a best friend was already over 5'5" and I was maybe 4'11". Like pretty much everything else about me, my height was late blooming and I eventually topped out at a respectable and very average 5' 6". Even though I am now taller than about 50% of the rest of the female population I still sometimes feel short. Which is why I tend toward shoes with some height and like my hair piled up a bit. With a few inches below and a couple inches on top I can just about look my 6' husband in the eye. And it feels good.


  1. You always look very gorgeous, even with minimal sleep : ) Blaine is an entire foot taller than I am, I never wear heels and never wear my hair up. I am doomed to always be staring at his chest apparently : )

  2. girl, you're not alone, we all think we're looking worse, but in reality, you look pretty good ;)

    i'm a real short girl so i tried piling the hair in a bun yesterday for the first time and hey, added height indeed!

    i like your sweater. i feel like it could go with so many things :D hope you're having a good weekend!


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