Freckles in April: 30 for 30: Day 23

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 for 30: Day 23

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Another day where the weather just sort of caught me off guard. I look out my window and say, "Hey! Look at what a beautiful day it is!" and then I walk outside and go, "Um...sweater." And this sweater was still DAMP because I had washed just about everything in my 30 for 30 pile and this cardi doesn't go in the dryer and I just had to kind of shiver my way through Baby 2's pediatrician appointment. Lovely.

Also, I think I need to get rid of this skirt. Unflattering length, nothing goes with it, a pain to iron (there are some fun pleats that don't photograph well due to the color but they're a beast to iron properly), I could hardly bring myself to wear it just this once during 30 for 30. So long skirt. Enjoy the GW.


  1. Hm.. yeah, I love the color of this skirt, it's a pretty fabric, but the length is just kind of weird. Maybe you could hem it shorter? I think that would make it 10000x cuter :)

  2. awww perhaps it needs a little fixing? shortening? worn as a tube top? lol idk,. but it's pretty.

    i hate deceiving days. just when you think it's good, it hits you with a cold breeze! lol. you look lovelyt hough!


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