Freckles in April: Whole Foods

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whole Foods

At the end of August Aaron and I decided it was time for an experimental change in our diets. We opted for whole foods a la Michael Pollan (of In Defense of Food fame). We committed to three months of seriously healthy eating- unprocessed whole foods, organic as much as possible, as many fruits and veggies as we can possibly squeeze in.

Within three weeks we were believers and decided to make this way of eating a permanent change (after the three months are up we'll be a bit more lenient though). I dropped my last 5 pregnancy pounds immediately and continued on to lose several more (too many, in fact. I had to put a few back on. Not a bad thing to work toward). We feel awesome. When we cheat I feel physically ill. Sugar gives me headaches. Fast food gives me indigestion for days. My body really likes this whole foods stuff and I find myself getting braver and braver with my eating. Which is nice, considering I was one of those kids who would only eat potatoes or raw carrots with my mac and cheese or chicken nuggets and shunned all other vegetables.

We've been at this thing for a month and a half now and it's been really interesting. We initially resigned ourselves to a lot of mediocre meals but have been pleasantly surprised by how well we've been eating. In the spirit of sharing (and so I'll have them all in one place with whatever tweaks I've made), I'm going to start posting some of my favorite whole foods recipes here. Enjoy!


  1. Is the Wendy's dollar menu a whole food?

  2. Ha, if only. Have you seen the articles lately about how McDonald's (and I assume other similar fast food) burgers never really go bad? Twelve years later they look exactly the same. That's pretty disgusting.

  3. That sounds fantastic! Especially the part where you had to work to put weight on. Ah, if only.

    North Meets South


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