Freckles in April: Out Back

Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Back


Yesterday Aaron took a few minutes off work in the middle of the day and we went outside. We spread a blanket in the grass and shared an Asian pear. The boys were happy and laughing. The sun was shining through the pepper tree and dappling us with light. There was a sweet little breeze and everything was so perfect that I was kind of nervous to drive to Costco afterward because I feel like after a moment like that we were in for something kind of not so nice (and car accidents are a huge fear of mine).

We ate outside the other night too. We had lots of fresh fruit and a wonderful salad. I put tea lights in mason jars and we sat at that outdoor table (I sat in the wonky chair you see at the left. Note to self: tie that sucker to the frame. It was annoying). And after we were finished Aaron leaned back and said, "This is the life we were meant to live."

It's amazing how much having a nice backyard has improved our quality of life. We are spoiled now...we can never go back to the dirt and weeds of the old house (even if the kitchen and pantry were like 30 times bigger).


  1. What a wonderful life! That sounds absolutely amazing and filled with such bliss. You are awesome!!

  2. That is a beautiful backyard. I can't wait to have something like that! Apartment living is getting me down...

  3. wow your guys new place is REALLY nice! The yard is so pretty! Glad you guys have a place to enjoy outside! Kristy

  4. I LOVE it! Someday, a backyard for us. . .


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