Freckles in April: Business as Usual

Monday, October 18, 2010

Business as Usual

When I shut down my other blog I told my sister, "Just watch, I'll only last a week without a blog." I far surpassed my own expectations by being blogless for 2 months. Look at me go!

But now I'm ready to jump back in. I really missed the writing. Stuff would happen to me and I'd think, "If I were to write a blog post about this, I would say..." and then compose a post in my head. But mental blogging just isn't quite the same outlet as regular blogging.

So welcome to my New and Improved Blog: now with pseudonyms for my kids! As far as the internet is concerned my kids are Stinky and Baby 2 (you are wowed by my creativity, yes?), we live in the southwest US, and we have no last name. Fortunately, we have moved so Googling my real name now brings up an incorrect home address and I can finally sleep at night knowing the internet weirdos are going to have to work a lot harder to find us.

And so, back to business.


  1. Yay! Welcome back! I was happy to see you back to blogging. One of these years I'll get back to regular posting myself...

  2. I'm very pleased you're back.

  3. Yeah! I'm very glad you are back, as I've missed reading. I've now spent Amelia's entire nap time reading through what you've written. You've just made my day that much more happier! Thanks!

    I'll have to be making some pancakes (both of the oatmeal and pumpkin variety). I'd love to see more of your recipes. I've read Pollan's books and have been trying to be better about what we eat--real farm eggs make such a difference!--but I'm always looking for good recipes. My biggest issue is money, though. How has your food budget changed as a result of your diet change? I'd be interested in hearing more.

    I'm seriously adding those mocassins to my Christmas wish list. Unlike you, I wear slippers around my *cold* house (it does snow in OH) all day long, and I noticed just today that my old ones have a big hole. I could get some good mileage out of these.

  4. I'll be posting LOTS of recipes. I've spent a lot of time browsing and adapting and now I have quite a few. I initially decided to post one a week but it's kind of painfully slow so I might increase that. We'll see what happens. I also have like 3 more pancake recipes so I'll try to get around to sharing those pretty quick.

    Our food budget has been all over the place since we changed our eating habits but, to be honest, I think you could do it fairly cheaply as long as you know what to buy organic and what not to bother with (look up the "dirty dozen" and "clean 15" list. That helps me a lot). Also, if you really are eating mostly plants and "not too much" it can keep your food bill lower. We're still figuring this a few weeks I'll probably do a post on eating whole on a budget. We only this week decided on a concrete number to work with and I'd like to keep it well under that number so we can do other stuff with the leftover money.

    Nikki and I were talking about slippers the other day and I almost wish it was cold enough to need slippers around here but you just don't. On the occasional really cold morning I just put on a pair of socks. Kind of sad when there are cute moccasin slippers to be had.

  5. Woohoo! I love it! Luckily we move every six months so I feel relatively safe from the blog stalking freaks.


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